ARK Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is a Seed to Sale (S2S) blockchain technology.  Combined with our proprietary app we make the

  • Authenticate Genetics
  • Authenticate Products
  • Reduces Loss
  • Generate More Revenue

How Does It Work?

When the seed or clone is first entered into the blockchain we track the future heritage of the genetics and authenticate it.  Along with authenticating genetics we are able to authenticate every event in the process from seed to sale.  Our app allows the user to document and mint each event with photos or video and weight count.

How Does It Authenticate Genetics?

We are able to authenticate any genetic that lives on the ARK blockchain or other reputable blockchains.  ARK is able to document the strain able using genetic sequencing.  Once the sequencing has been completed that strain is minted into the blockchain.  With our SOP we are able to not only track your product but also authenticate the strain.

How Does It Authenticate Products?

With our blockchain technology and our app requirements we are able to authenticate and genetics at any point in seed to sale.

How Does It Reduce Loss?

With our S2S technology we also combine live auditors that will audit your data and workforce.  The standards of the audit are of conditions set forth by our community.  We will use AI to analyze pre-weight and post-weight data collected from 100’s of users.  The auditing software will send you alerts when there are discrepancies in weights.  These discrepancies will cause our auditing team to monitor cameras and data to determine the cause of loss.

How Does It Generate More Revenue?

By reducing loss you generate more revenue.

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