Mitch Ngo – CEO, Co-Founder

Mitch Ngo, is best described as a serial entrepreneur. From his early childhood days as a refugee who fled Vietnam with his immediate family, he resettled in the United States overcoming many obstacles that would have defeated an individual of  lesser character. His  skills include an in-depth knowledge of the Cannabis growing industry, business operations, marketing, branding, and finance.

Mr. Ngo’s technology expertise extends to communication architecture, smart contract development, data structures, cryptography, web development and basic architectures. He is knowledgeable in virtually all aspects of business start-ups; from his early days  of leading a team to develop leading edge fiber optic network switching, to today implementing new and effective blockchain protocols to ensure genetic purity of Golden Ark’s products.

His experience includes multi-million-dollar P&L responsibility, capital formation, organizational structuring, technology transfer and commercialization. Mr. Ngo’s broad base of experience includes operations, strategic planning, financial modeling, and project planning.

Over the past decade he has established himself as an international business influencer bringing world leaders together; finding common ground in mutually beneficial business opportunities, while promoting international cooperation and world peace.


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